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From: Michael DaVinci
Subject: He Had to Find Out part 6When they reached the huge hot tub, a group of six girls, all roughly in
their age bracket, began whooping and raising their arms to welcome them.
"What took you so long?" one of them yelled. "We have a game we want to play
with you. Hop in the tub, quick!"Casey and John approached the hot tub at opposite sides, and both stood at
the edge wondering what to do next. Casey envied the hard-on that was slowly
growing between John's legs. His own member was getting frightfully limp.
Here I am finally with a group of girls my own age and my dick pretends to
be exhausted, he complained to himself."Hop in, sillies!" one of the girls urged. "We won't bite you -- at least
not viciously," she added coyly. The boys climbed in and were about to sit
down when everyone else stood up."Here's the game," announced another girl. "First we take a good look at
each other now, and see who's horny and who isn't. Then we all sit back down
and see what we can do to change that. Then every few minutes we all stand
up again and take a look at what we have done. So take a good look at those
dicks and titties, then everyone sit down."Most of the girls squealed or giggled at the instructions. Casey went a
little pale. John just stood and smiled, his dick pointing straight out,
already anticipating the game. The girl next to Casey sat down first and
everybody followed. Feeling safer half submerged in the hot bubbling water,
Casey looked around to see what would happen next.Slowly Lolita Nymphets and subtly, everyone started to shift position. Casey felt a hand on
his Lolita Nymphets thigh, and a head on his left shoulder. He countered by groping the
crotch of the girl to his right, and leaning his head against his neighbor
to the left. John found girls on both sides of him going after his nipples,
one with her fingers and the other with her tongue. Everyone found something
they could do for the person next to them. And several slumped down and used
their toes to stimulate someone else across the tub.After about five minutes of playing and groping, someone called for everyone
to stand again. Casey had never understood before how hard a nipple could
get, and he was astonished to see so many pairs of tight, aroused girl
nipples. His dick made it to half mast, so he was proud not to have been a
total failure at the game. John's member was flying even higher than before,
climbing up towards his stomach. The girls clapped and cheered. Then they
all sat down and started again.Fearing the worst embarrassment of all, Casey tried to get in the mood and
let his penis go really hard, but every time he looked at the girls it would
start to wane again. For a while he imagined being with his `dish lady', and
for about a minute he surprised his neighbors by poking his fully erect
penis up through the bubbling water. But by the time the second call came to
stand, he had shrunk again to ultra flaccid. Casey blushed as he felt
everyone focusing on his disinterested crotch. The game continued.Casey was just about certain he would have to die in the tub to escape the
humiliation that was sure to follow. Then he spotted Michael nearby next to
the swimming pool, and waved him over to join them. Michael's face lit up
and he hopped over to the hot tub eagerly. Casey motioned for him to slip in
to his left. He leaned over and whispered in Michael's ear, "Help me out
here, they're trying to make us hard and it's not working!"Michael smiled again and replied, "No problem!" Then Casey felt Michael's
hand groping him under the bubbles. Michael grabbed Casey's left hand and
placed it on Michael's own growing erection. Casey visibly relaxed, and felt
his heart speed up as he eagerly explored Michael's dick and balls. Within a
minute his own cock was rock hard, and he was grinning like a Cheshire catWhen the call to stand up came, he rose proudly and made sure everyone saw
his dick standing at full attention. Everyone clapped and cheered. Casey got
embarrassed Lolita Nymphets again and blushed deeply. At least I didn't die of humiliation,
he thought to himself. He did enjoy looking around the circle, but found
once again that what caught his attention the most was Michael's cock.
Michael's didn't change much in length from its flaccid state, but it rose
at a higher angle than Casey had ever seen, and the girls all seemed to like
it a lot, judging by all their screaming and pointing.The happy group was about halfway through the next round when one of the
adults approached them and told them it was time to quit and let the adults
have a turn at the hot tub. There were a few groans but everyone shifted
gears pretty quickly. The girls decided they would all go to bed in the same
campsite together, and once their plan was set they virtually ignored the
boys. John and Casey decided to call it a night while their dignity remained
intact, and Michael went his own way, back to the swimming pool.Casey and his friend walked slowly in the darkness back to their campsite.
The cooler late evening air was still mild enough that he didn't feel chilly
without clothes. They walked in silence most of the way, until John asked
Casey again whether he was finding out what he wanted yet."I am actually finding out Lolita Nymphets far more than I wanted, and far less than I asked
for," began Casey hesitantly. "I found out that Lolita Nymphets
I am turned on by young
girls like your sister. I found out that I am turned on by older women. And
I am turned on by you and Michael. But so far being with girls my own age
has been nothing but a turn off sexually, though I enjoy their company.""So what's next?" asked John."Well, I am not really sure," responded Casey. "Much as I would like to fool
around with you tonight, I don't think I really need more sex, I am so
confused about it." Casey could sense John's disappointment Lolita Nymphets in the silence
that followed. Perhaps that will cool him off a bit, he thought.Once they reached the tent and snuggled in together for the night, Casey
could feel John's disappointment shifting to a kind of happy calm. He didn't
resist when John wrapped his arms around him and spooned him from behind. He
started to feel optimistic that Lolita Nymphets their friendship could be physically warm
without having to be lovers.About an hour later, Casey was half-conscious but thoroughly relaxed, and
still warmly entwined with John. He heard footsteps softly approaching the
tent. Michael's face suddenly appeared inside the tent flap. "Move over
guys," he directed. "No way am I going to sleep alone tonight!"With that he barged in and closed the tent flap behind him. In the dim light
Casey saw Michael's erection poking out into the air at its characteristic
high angle. Oh God! he thought to himself. This is going to be a real
challenge. Then Michael dove in between Casey and John, and wiggled his feet
down to the bottom of the bed under the heavy covers.Before he could object, Michael turned towards Casey and Lolita Nymphets
embraced him
warmly. Casey could feel Michael's strong erection poking him. Casey's own
dick had already sprung to attention again. He returned the pressure as
Michael pulled their bodies tightly together. Oh no, thought Casey. I know I
want this. But why does he?A third set of arms joined them, as Casey felt John stir and clamp himself
around Michael's back. "Do you like what I brought you, Michael?" asked John
softly."Sure do, Johnnie! Do you mind if I check him out first?" replied Michael
seductively, more in Casey's ear than John's."Be my guest," offered John. "I tried him out this afternoon he's
delightful!" he continued as if Casey wasn't there."You mean you guys have been planning this all along?" shot back Casey,
insistent on being included in the conversation. "Michael, I thought you
were straight!" he added."Aw come on, no one's straight in this place." Michael replied. "Everybody
does everybody. I'll bet none of the girls are asleep either."His answer did nothing to relieve Casey's confusion, but the warmth of his
body was too powerful to reject. "I guess I'll just have to understand all
that later," Casey whispered as he planted his lips on Michael's and let his
body take over.He climbed on top of Michael and sank into him, pressing every part
together. He felt John snuggling closer and assumed it was John's hand that
was massaging his ass. Casey pressed his lips hard against Michael's and
began humping with his hips. His dick was leaking precum and made Michael's
stomach slippery.John lubed his fingers with a bit of spit and started to penetrate Casey's
tight asshole. Michael matched Casey's rhythm and began to moan as their
bodies slid back and forth over each other. Casey pressed his face into
Michael's neck and made little whimpering sounds as his arousal built. "Go
for it, Casey, pop that cork all over," coached John from the side.Then in one quick motion John rammed his middle finger full length up Casey'
s tight hole. "Oh God, I am going to come!" screamed Casey as his thighs
turned hot and his balls squeezed to his body, ready to shoot. Then he dug
himself as deeply into Michael as he could as his cock began to spurt out
gobs of warm semen. He shuddered over and over as his intense orgasm racked
his body. Lolita Nymphets He could feel his ass grabbing John's finger and squeezing it
tightly with each contraction.Underneath him there was a muffled cry from Michael as he too tipped over
the edge. Casey could feel Michael's hard cock pumping its load into the
sticky space between them. He shivered as his own orgasm subsided, and
grasped Michael even tighter, to prolong the intimate connection between
them."Bravo, bravo!" cheered John, who then climbed all over the other two,
kissing them everywhere.I think it is going to take me a lot more time to understand all this,
thought Casey, as he savored the warmth of his two friends and the smell of
fresh sweat and sex. Whatever it means, I don't think it is something I
should fight, he concluded as John's lips found his. Life is turning out to
be a lot more fun than I ever thought it could be.***So that's the first Casey and John story. Readers have suggested that a
sequel might be in order that exposes John's whole family for the hot little
group they really are, embracing Casey a lot closer in the process. Write me
at if you feel like commenting on the story, or
sharing what aspect you liked most. If you want a side trip to my other
publications (through an alter ego) make a visit to and
spend a few moments. If you have a gay or bi theme or a favorite fantasy
that you would like me to build a story around, let me know.

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